Application Development and Software EngineeringOrganizations engage VetsAmerica to assist with IT development as a result of having frustrated users, mis-management of requirements, and long-drawn out project development lifecycles. Solutions / Application Development and Software Engineering Paragraph 2: VetsAmerica's software development and maintenance work on websites and applications is efficient and 508 compliant. Our proven methodology is based on agile principles, which ensures active user participation and delivery of features incrementally, enabling some benefits to be realized early as the product continues to develop.

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Customer Relationship ManagementLack of communication internally and with customers is a common challenge, and with the use of cloud computing and social media the possibilities are endless.

As an organization that has always understood the importance of customer service, VetsAmerica's CRM capabilities naturally evolved to deliver customized technology solutions that improve relationships between our clients and their customers.

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Information Assurance and Cyber SecurityVetsAmerica’s experienced and certified security resources understand that information assurance is moving target because of evolving threats and that cyber security is not guaranteed by compliance. As apparent throughout all of our services, information assurance and cyber security are elements of an ongoing risk management process that incorporates on people, processes, and technology to protect information on a prioritized basis.

Cloud computing is also enabling quick and efficient access from anywhere, and data storage is moving to mobile devices from private networks. VetsAmerica offers a solution comprised of Mobile Process Management (MPM) to secure data and enable processes for data access.

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Identity and Access ManagementThe need to identify and control who accesses multiple systems, and comply with regulations, is a challenge for many organizations. Emphasis on regulatory compliance requires truly auditable systems, monitoring, and top-down controls is increasing. Coupled with the increased data collected and managed by organizations, this results in a high level of complexity. However the solution is simple. VetsAmerica can assist with controlling access while meeting compliance obligations, reducing costs and minimizing risks by implementing processes and tools to manage user access. Our IAM solutions include:

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Telecommunications and Service Desk OperationsVetsAmerica blends agility with a service desk delivery model that is based on proven best practices to create solutions for our clients. We provide Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III help desk and service desk support for our clients including:

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